Women in Leadership

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‘Women in Leadership’ Health and Well-being Talks and Workshops

HWAM invites women at all levels of leadership to take time out to listen, reflect and learn strategies for improved wellbeing and fulfilling lives.

Whether well established within a leadership role, or contemplating a new leadership venture, this workshop will give women leaders time to focus on health and wellbeing, reflect on different aspects of home and work life, and consider which areas may need greater focus.

Through a guided ‘wheel of life’ exercise, as well as clear and concise self-coaching tools, women are invited to ringfence time for themselves in order to equip them with effective strategies to keep in focus what matters most.

Whether at menopause (pre- peri- or post-) or another stage of life, this workshop is for women who take their work and their wellbeing seriously in equal measures.

Facts, support, links, strategies, and a ‘WIL’ Well-being Pack, are provided to ensure that the workshop is not a one-day wonder, but a lasting habit-shift, enabling healthy life-long leadership.

For all enquiries: t: 07545 309200 e:jane@hotwomenatmenopause.com or through our website contact page here.



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