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For many women, menopause is a natural stage of life, a time of change and opportunity.  However, menopause can also be a challenging time, symptoms can be a barrier to achievement or contentment and can happen at any age, whether natural, early, premature or induced.

Whether you are hosting a breakfast briefing about menopause, require a more in-depth talk for up to two hours, or are considering a “Takeover” event, HWAM provides a platform of positivity, information, and inspiration, supporting and empowering women at menopause, midlife and beyond.

The HWAM Talks, Training, and bespoke ‘Takeover’ events are tailored to meet individual needs; to inform, support and help women to take control and make informed choices about how they manage their menopause.  To raise awareness of how women should be supported for their own long-term health benefits and for the efficiency of our social and economic workforce.

Please note: all talks and programmes are currently through Zoom.

HWAM … Talks:

T1: “Survive and Thrive at Menopause” by Jane Midwinter

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Adapted to suit the client, the occasion and the audience.

Jane, founder of HWAM presents a short introductory talk, or a more in-depth interactive presentation if required.

Jane also presents to women’s groups such as the WI, Ladies’ Circle, wellbeing groups, and book clubs.

  1. The introductory talk of 20-minutes raises positive awareness about menopause; including the terminology, phases and the science behind it.  It also gives brief, relevant and helpful information for women, aiming to improve confidence and self-fulfillment, and enabling informed choices.
  2. The interactive presentation of up to 2 hours covers the above points in greater depth and includes reflective exercises.
  3. Maiden, Mother, Queen & Crone presents the stages of a human female’s life, with facts, stories, and a showcase of inspiring opportunities.

As well as Speaker for HotWomenAtMenopause, Jane works closely with Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace.  Henpicked offers a full range of professional services, including menopause training for employees, line managers, HR, and Occupational Health.

Contact us here to book a HWAM … Talk or to find out more about Henpicked:Menopause in the workplace training.



T2: HWAM … Takeovers!

(Currently under review due to COVID-19)

The “HWAM Takeover” events are mini-retreat style, day or evening occasions; relaxing and fun as well as supportive and restorative! These creative, collaborative events aim to inspire, inform and empower women at this most natural, but often challenging stage of life.

The “Takeover” event is designed to be held in your cafe, gallery, shop or concept space or even in your home!  Bringing people to you, for an experience that cannot be bought online, Jane will work with you to provide you, your customers, clients, friends or colleagues with a memorable event that offers a personalised and unique experience!

The “Takeover” consists of a carousel of bespoke workshops and presentations to inform women about the facts, solutions, opportunities, and possibilities at menopause, midlife and beyond, provided by a team of professionals, and artisans, for a restorative, relaxing, informative and fun occasion.

Workshops can include some or all of the following, depending on space available and duration of the event:

  1. Presentation: A Talk on Menopause: the terminology, the phases, and the science behind it, with brief, relevant and helpful information for everyone.
  2. Creative workshop: Creating calm through clay
  3. Creative workshop: Paint Yourself Calm.
  4. Coaching workshop: Balance and Insight Group Coaching with an interactive ‘helicopter view of life’ exercise.
  5. Taster session: Yoga
  6. Taster session: Pilates
  7. Presentation: A talk on nutrition and gut health
  8. Presentation: A talk on herbal medicine and supplements.

Contact us here to find out more information or book a “HWAM … Takeover” 

T3: ‘Women in Leadership’ Health and Well-being Programme

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Women Supporting Women … leadership at its best!

Through these leadership development programmes, HWAM invites women at all levels of leadership to take time out to listen, reflect, and learn skills and strategies for improved wellbeing as well as effective and fulfilling leadership.

  • Whether well-established within a leadership role, or contemplating a new leadership venture, this virtual workshop will give women leaders time to focus their leadership potential without compromising their health and wellbeing.
  • Through a guided ‘wheel of life’, self-reflective exercise, as well as clear and concise self-coaching tools, women are invited to ring-fence time for themselves in order to equip them with effective strategies to keep in focus what matters most.
  • Whether at menopause (pre- peri- or post-) or any another stage of life, this programme is for women who take their work and their wellbeing seriously in equal measures.
  • Facts, support, links, strategies, and a ‘WiL’ Well-being Pack, are provided to ensure that the workshop is not a ‘one-day wonder’, but a lasting habit-shift, enabling a healthy life and healthy leadership.

Leadership Induction Programme = 3 ½ days

Leadership Review Programme = 1 day

Leadership Annual Review Top-up = ½ day

For all inquiries: t: 07545 309200 or through our website contact page here.


C2: ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers’.


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These six, 1 1/2 hour sessions include:

  • Coaching skills’ training sessions, from an introduction to coaching, through to questioning, listening, providing support and challenge, and how to coach teams.
  • An insight into a range of core leadership coaching models and approaches.
  • Supported practical sessions introducing coaching triads.
  • Gap tasks, and additional reading material; focusing on the theory of coaching (optional).
  • Practical and proven ways to coach: individuals, self, and teams.
  • A coaching pack, with resources, guidance, templates, hints and tips to get you started and develop you as a practical and effective Leadership Coach within your organisation.

This course is for a minimum of six people – leaders and/or managers –

Further coaching follow-up sessions available as needed to ensure sustained effectiveness.

For more information on any of the above events and services, please contact Jane 

20% discount for schools and non-profits

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