The Menopause Listening Project

Podcasts of women and their stories of menopause and midlife …

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FIRST UP … Kate Arnold talks to me, for one of her first podcasts!

Kate Arnold, Nutrition Consultant – – invited me to talk with her about Menopause, and our inaugural conference “Hot Women At Menopause … The Burning Issue”,  Saturday 9 February 2019, The Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne.  I very much enjoyed chatting with Kate about this important, but sadly much-maligned stage of women’s lives.  We talk for some time, as you can see, both being chatterboxes with lots to say, but if you have a car journey coming up, I think it’s quite a good listen.  Enjoy and reflect!

Lin’s Story

Lin talks to me about her move from the UK to the South of France, where she now runs a successful Chambre Dote with her husband Geoff.  She reflects on her career as a nurse, latterly a Macmillan Nurse, then her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and finally her menopause some years earlier – remembering the valuable support group she and her colleagues instigated at that time.

Lin and Geoff
Lin and Geoff at Chez Dyna, Alaigne

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