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HotWomenAtMenopause … Paint, in the Pyrenees!

The barn has been tidied; old bits of furniture have been moved to one side, logs piled neatly, the floor brushed, garden furniture stacked. A battered dining room table, once white, now splattered with water colours, acrylics, furniture paint and inks, is moved centre stage. Canvas chairs are unfolded and sit expectantly either side of the table. A large workbench has been cleared, the windows are flung open onto the back garden which is shaded by fig trees.

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New Horizons After Menopause by Lavinia Winch

Many women find their late forties and fifties a challenging time of life.  This may be due to the huge changes that take place during menopause, but also because this can be a time when children are leaving home, elderly parents might need care and support and perhaps our energy levels and feeling of wellbeing are just beginning to decline.