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Jane Midwinter

“I found a massive lack of understanding and support for women; nothing in place to educate and prepare younger women, and few policies and guidelines to support working women and their employers.”

In November 2016, Jane gave up her role as a headteacher to care for her husband, Peter, who had been diagnosed with throat cancer.  She then set up Midwinter Consultancy, developing leadership potential in other areas as well as education,  and is the founder of ‘HotWomenAtMenopause’.

“For several years I had been perimenopausal with just a few hot flushes and mood swings.  During Peter’s illness, the symptoms hit me like a tidal wave, including fatigue, emotional outbursts, an increase in headaches and migraines and severe hot flushes which occurred many times during the day and throughout the night, leading to acute insomnia.  I began to research my menopause symptoms and was faced with confusing information.  The more I researched and spoke to people, the more I became aware that menopause was a taboo subject!

In the spring of 2018, I met Debbie Isepp, proprietor of The Beach Kitchen, over a delicious breakfast and a massive hot flush!  This is where the idea for a supportive platform was born.

I am now joining forces with other women nationally, to change the menopause conversation, through talks, events, coaching and mentoring; bust the taboo that it is and ensure greater recognition of the wisdom and potential of women at all stages of their lives.  It’s time to wave our fans of menopause awareness!”

Just look at these stats from the British Menopause Society

45% of women say they feel their menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their work;

47% who have needed to take a day off work due to menopause symptoms say they wouldn’t tell their employer the real reason;

23% of women feel more isolated;

51% of women say that their menopause had affected their sex lives;

38% of partners say they feel helpless when it comes to supporting their partner through the menopause.

And this from (Dr. Louise R Newson, My Menopause Doctor)

3.5 million women over 50 work in the UK and approximately half of them find their symptoms difficult to deal with.  10% actually stop working altogether! 



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