HWAM Podcasts: Series One, Episode Four!

In this final episode of this first series of HWAM Podcasts, I chat with Chrissie, who shares her challenging menopause journey with us – openly and passionately.

Chrissie talks us through the shock of being plunged into menopause literally overnight at the age of 33! How difficult birth led to emergency surgery, unable to have more children, years of pain, endometriosis, and then the discovery of something even more sinister. She talks passionately about her journey, the physical and psychological symptoms she suffered, and then finally after much heartache and through her own determination to feel well again, how she was eventually supported. Chrissie’s story is fascinating to listen to. We’ve come a long way in supporting women at menopause, but we also know that there is still some way to go.

Thank you so much for supporting others through your story Chrissie.

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