10 Ways to enjoy your second spring

close up photo of a bed of white flowers

“Many women think of their menopause as a positive stage of life.  Some cultures even refer to it as their ‘second spring’, celebrating this time and welcoming this change towards greater wisdom, newfound freedom and opportunity.

So, can we really look forward to this climacteric phase, just as we look forward to the coming spring?  I believe we can, as long as we take good care of ourselves and put in place some strategies to keep us as healthy as possible now and for the years ahead.

If we follow this theme of spring and changing seasons therefore, it might just be the right time for a spot of ‘gardening’!  Now I’m not talking Carol Klein or Monty Don tactics. But I am drawing upon some similarities, reflecting and focussing on areas that require some much-needed attention, for example.  A little ‘cleaning up’, ‘planting out’ and ‘nurturing’.”

by Jane Midwinter 

Read my full article here on the Henpicked website and consider these top 10 ‘gardening’ tips for a flourishing second spring …

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