Be informed … Not alarmed!

Do your research … read the BMS response.

You can read the full statement in response to the Lancet study on HRT use and breast cancer risk here, on the Women’s Health Concern website.  (The Women’s Health Concern is the patient arm of the British Menopause Society.)

This is a concise and user-friendly response to the Lancet study, with links to further reading if required.

In short, it says that “Women and doctors should be reassured that the findings of this study do not add anything new in terms of the effects of hormone replacement therapy.  Research shows that for most women HRT helps to manage menopausal symptoms and is safe.”

It is important for women to become well informed of the choices they have for menopausal symptoms and of any increased risks of breast cancer so that these can be weighed up against the benefits of taking HRT.

What is important to note, and puts all this into context, is that a woman has a greater risk of developing breast cancer if she is obese or overweight and that consuming alcohol also increases the risk of breast cancer.

There are many benefits from using HRT, including symptom control, improving quality of life, minimizing osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.  However, each woman must understand that her risks and benefits are unique to her and she should discuss these with her doctor or a professional menopause nurse before making any decisions.

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