Me & My Menopausal Vagina, Jane Lewis

Jane Lewis, author of the above book which she wrote in collaboration with her daughter, is guaranteed to make you both laugh and cry, raising your awareness of the discomfort and worry brought about by vaginal atrophy, a menopause symptom many women suffer with.  Jane explains things clearly, bringing a tongue in cheek approach which makes the book easy to read and accessible to all.  GPs, nurses and menopause practitioners love it, as do menopausal women who have suffered from vaginal atrophy for too long, and those who want to avoid this symptom.

Jane has now produced a poster and a leaflet, with succinct information and immediate accessibility ready to download for menopausal women and anyone else who wants to raise awareness about vaginal atrophy and vulval cancer awareness; easing symptoms for women by suggesting remedies and avoiding further complications and treatment.

To download the poster and leaflet, click on the links below.

Vaginal Dryness Leaflet download

Vaginal Dryness A4 Poster download

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