The Hot Woman’s Holiday Survival Kit!

Booking a last-minute train/plane/car somewhere?

Planning an Indian Summer Get-away?

Catching the last of the summer rays/wine in the garden?

Worried about overheating?  No need.

Read on …

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Whether, wherever, whoever; with or without, the vital thing is to have your menopause survival kit packed and close to hand for staying cool, calm and awesome in every situation! And if you’ve already been and come back, this survival kit is a vital accompaniment wherever you are.

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The following list is by no means exhaustive.  For example, a few outfits might come in handy!  Oh and some flip-flops … oh and a comb … oh and … 😉

HWAM suggests the following, in no particular order (actually maybe the mini-mobile phone fan is a number 1!):

1. A mini-mobile phone fan – don’t hold it too close!

2. A hand fan (in case phone battery dies), preferably in a sustainable material because we are all becoming so much more aware, which is a good thing, a really vital thing actually, so maybe a bamboo one.  But not those big round bamboo ones as it probably won’t fit in!

3. A flannel or sustainable wipes.  I saw these on the Rye Health Store Instagram page and will be purchasing a few to try.  Thank you Georgina!

4. An eye mask (HWAM like an eye mask wrapped around a lavender-filled, heart-shaped, soft, mini-cushion)

5. A Lavender-filled, heart-shaped, soft, mini-cushion or similar impregnated with your favourite aroma.

6. Lip salve – keep those lips moisturised.  (Come to that, keep EVERYTHING moisturised, see Number 13!)

7. Handcream.  (The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector is an HWAM favourite).

8. Pack of pocket tissues.  Several in the suitcase/one in your tote.  (NB. if you can get some with pretty pictures/words on or even musical notes, you can keep yourself entertained for hours on a plane/train/but not in the car if you’re driving!)

9. Face Mist or Face Spritz.  From lots of lovely places.


10. Book(s) 1. ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’, by Gail Honeyman, if you haven’t read it already, (let HWAM know if you go “OMG!” at that moment too) and ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’, by Dr Christiane Northrup – timeless menopause brilliance!  Essential reading for any woman.

11. Small cushion – blow up or otherwise for neck comfort on or in train/plane/car, or if your holiday destination pillow resembles a brick; disguised as a pillow!

12. Earplugs – the ones that are soft and squidgy to fit different ears, because our ears are all different, and not those horrid hard things made to fit Shrek’s ears.

13.  Vaginal moisturiser* (HWAM loves YES VM, check out the website

14. A spare pair of reading glasses  (or as many as you can fit in without breaking them)  Oh come on, how many times a day do you say, “Where are my glasses”?  Exactly!



15. Water bottle (for drinking) – HWAM like sustainable choices.

16. ‘Not-hot’ water bottles (for bedtime) – I know what you’re thinking, but if you can fill a hot water bottle with cold water and stick it in a freezer for a few hours – don’t overfill – you will thank me when you’re having a hot flush in the middle of the night. A tip picked up on a train journey from a helpful post-menopausal woman.  She said she filled and froze three ‘not-hot’ water bottles every morning in anticipation of hot and sweaty menopausal nights.  (Talking regular hot water bottles here and turning them into cold water bottles).  NB.  HWAM cannot be held responsible for exploding cold/freezing/frozen water bottles!

17. Phone charger.  Not for social media, not for keeping in touch with the children/ partner/husband/wife/next-door neighbour; just purely so that you can work your mini mobile phone fan (see Number 1).

18. Plug adaptor.  Well, you might want to dry your hair, operate an adult toy … well, you are on holiday!

19. Journal and favourite pen.  For documenting thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Seriously good to do.  Being serious now!  You’ll have some time to reflect and don’t forget, this is a time of wisdom and opportunity, so get reflecting and planning for when you get back.

20. A beautiful light dressing gown.  (HWAM loves gowns from One Hundred Stars). Founder Jane has one with a map of Paris on it, just in case she gets lost when visiting this city!  There are also ones to navigate Barcelona, Budapest, London, New York City, Rome, and Venice!  NB. HWAM cannot be held responsible for anyone getting lost whilst wearing a dressing-gown!

21. Big pants (HWAM loves Sloggi) – 3 pairs, 1 to wash/1 to wear/1 to air – at least!

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Happy Not-too-Hot Holidays You Gorgeous Hot Women You!


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