Turn and face the Strain, ch ch Changes!

There’s no doubt about it, menopause is a time of change which can bring some unwanted challenges for most women.  It is also, however, a time of great opportunity.


Being well-informed about the symptoms that may accompany menopause is important for our immediate and long-term health and well-being.

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At this time of life, the veil of estrogen is lifted and women are often at their wisest!  They may, therefore, begin to consider how to redress the balance in their lives, making some small but significant lifestyle changes.


Or perhaps they may wish to know how to cope better with menopause at work – as employee or employer – becoming more informed about what can be adapted to make a difference and ensure continued effective employment.

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Or indeed, how to explain irritating or disruptive symptoms, moods, and feelings to partners, children, colleagues or friends.

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However menopause affects you, or the women close to you, Hot Women At Menopause provides a platform of positivity, information, and inspiration, through bespoke pop-up events, informative talks, and presentations, training, coaching, and workshops, for individuals and groups, to support and empower women at menopause (pre- peri- post-)

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For information or inquiries please contact us here, email: jane@hotwomenatmenopause.com or telephone: 07545 309200.


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