This is me, in Argentina. Founder of Hot Women At Menopause, coming to the end of my adventure and returning home to England on Sunday; standing amongst hundreds of elephant seals as they lie together on the beach in Peninsula Valdes, in the warmth of the sun, occasionally grunting but little else. All the males are at sea, feeding, and the pups are no longer in need of nursing. Just before sunset, they move up the beach flopping and lolloping to be close to each other for warmth and comfort and safety. Small debates break out occasionally, as they jostle for a good position and make themselves comfortable, but none last long and no one is hurt. They moult their skins once a year; new shiny, smooth skin exchanged for old bits of rough and when this happens they are susceptible to the cold and must lie still for long periods to conserve energy. Their large, captivating eyes look up at me as they flick warm dry sand onto their backs and scratch with a front flipper, having five fingers each with a claw, and looking much like me scratching my own back in bed at the end of the day. I am looking forward to being home, but I will miss this marvel of a place, which I am so grateful to have visited. This adventure in South America has opened my eyes and my heart and has forced me to step way outside of my comfort zone. I have learned so much, including more about myself!  Next up for me … more research for my articles on all things menopausal, continuing to offer support and information through HWAM positive platform.  I look forward to spending my time reading, chatting and meeting women of all ages; being close, sitting together, conserving energy and supporting each other; learning more about all things Menopause, including breast health, nutrition, and HRT as I listen to great speakers, and partake in and run rejuvenating, relaxing and informative workshops.

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