What do you do when menopause delivers a hefty whack of self-doubt?

Menopause can deliver a hefty whack of self-doubt and uncertainty of one’s purpose in life.  I turn to my ‘genius group’ for support.

by Jane Midwinter

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For many of us, self-doubt can ambush our thoughts at any time and this manifested itself in me at the same time as leaving headship to care for my husband through his illness.

Setting up my consultancy and founding Hot Women At Menopause required courage and confidence; a “feel the fear and do it anyway” approach.   I wanted to continue to contribute and make a difference, which I’d always strived to do, but now, suddenly I was really struggling with self-doubt and lack of confidence.

I remember turning on the radio one day during this time, and hearing Nicole Stott being interviewed; an incredibly courageous NASA astronaut (and an artist), this woman was utterly inspiring!  She said about becoming an astronaut and going into space, that she just wanted to be part of something worthwhile. Well, this resonated loudly with me (not the going into space bit I hasten to add, I’m not quite that confident … yet!) and I decided I would add Nicole Stott to my ‘Genius Group’.

Nicole Stott, Astronaut, and Artist

I learned about the ‘Genius Group’ from a coaching session with Neil Suggett.  He calls it his ‘Mastermind Group’, I renamed mine!  This is the group of people, alive or dead, who you can call upon for inspiration, for when higher-self thinking is required, for creativity and for wisdom.  Drawing upon their ‘genius’ can give clarity of thought, solve a problem, improve understanding or just inspire.

So when that feeling of self-doubt creeps up and tries to ‘bite me on the bum’, I remember that coaching session with Neil and I call upon my ‘Genius Group’.  I turn to Nicole Stott and recall her courage expressed in that radio interview I heard that day, her sense of adventure, her desire to be part of something worthwhile.  I step into her shoes – albeit floaty ones – and say “I am an astronaut”!  I’m not of course, but by saying this, I get myself back into a higher-self mode and begin to regain my courage.  And yes … it sometimes works!






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