Do you feel angry or disempowered by others who simply dismiss your menopausal symptoms or those of others? 

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Do you find it difficult to respond?  Do you want to change the menopause conversation, enlighten others and remain calm at the same time? If so, here are some simple statistics from the BMS which will back up your argument.

“I see these middle-aged women moping about the place.  They should get up, go out and do some exercise, that would sort them out.”

“Why Hot Women?  Why is it a problem?  I had no idea!”

These two comments, made by two separate individuals, both male, both professionals, were directed at me on two separate occasions quite recently and stirred deep feelings within.  Both required careful, assertive and measured responses … which of course they received.

I responded to the first one with “Yes, exercise can help women and does indeed help me.  Unfortunately, there are many other symptoms that cannot be addressed solely through exercise and many women need different strategies and a lot more support than that.”

The second one was a longer conversation where two other women, who had experienced inflexibility and a lack of understanding at work during their menopause, both contributed insightfully, enlightening the man who had first made the statement and were supported by some statistics from me.  I have learned that it’s always helpful to have some stats and theory behind what you’re saying!  The man began to become more interested and admitted he had been unaware and misinformed.  One of the women in this conversation group asked for details of our conference next February and has already registered her interest.  She has also agreed to do a podcast for the website!  The first guy, well … it’s going to take several conversations to enlighten him!  Slowly, steadily, and together, we will make small steps to change the menopause conversation.

45% of women say they feel their menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their work;

47% who have needed to take a day off work due to menopause symptoms say they wouldn’t tell their employer the real reason;

23% of women feel more isolated;

51% of women say that their menopause had affected their sex lives;

38% of partners say they feel helpless when it comes to supporting their partner through the menopause.

So my views are that everyone could be a winner if all parties are properly informed and supported.

Jane Midwinter

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