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The Burning Issue!

We associate menopause with middle-aged women, but this is very often not the case. Early menopause, whether it’s natural at the average age of 51, or induced either through illness, cancer treatment, or surgery, affects millions of women. Visit HWAM Blogs for facts and support on women’s health and wellbeing at menopause – early, induced or natural – and read our monthly menopause column – The Burning Issue!


Our podcasts put the spotlight on women who want to change the conversation around menopause. These are real stories from real women who survived and now thrive, and stories from the people and the professionals who support them. Do you have a story you want to share to support others?

Factsheets and helpful resources

As more and more people become involved with raising awareness around menopause, and offer information as well as different forms of support, we can become overwhelmed with all the different information available online. Visit HWAM Factsheets and helpful resources, which provides signposts to accurate knowledge and information about menopause health, training and support.

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We are what we eat! Visit HWAM Nourish for some quick and easy nourishing snacks, brunches and lunches and signposting to some of our favourite chefs!

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